Hey there! I'm Jennifer, a designer, creator, and marketing specialist IN SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI.


Where it all began...

My love for design started at an early age and steadily evolved as I grew older. I could color or doodle for hours and never get bored. Growing up I had a hard time balancing being a social and outgoing kid but equally enjoying my alone time, where I could spend time exploring my creativity and imagination. I still haven't found the perfect balance, but now know how to use my individuality as an advantage. Throughout high school I took art and graphic design classes and fell in love immediately, which led me to the decision of pursuing graphic design and marketing at Mizzou.

I'm currently pursuing calligraphy/hand-drawn type, branding projects, various marketing efforts, social media best practices and online advertising strategies for my own understanding and for a diverse number of small businesses around the world. 

But Seriously...

When I say I love all things design, I truly mean it. My appreciation for design and creativity comes from taking everyday as a learning experience, even more so has allowed me to find inspiration in just about everything. I strongly believe that with imagination, self-confidence, courage, and okay maybe a little bit of wine, we can all have the success and happiness we dreamed of.

Most days you can find me experimenting with calligraphy, drinking too much coffee, cuddling with my spirited black cat Charlie, pretending to be a gourmet chef with my high school sweetheart Mitchell, or aimlessly wandering around Hobby Lobby.