Grainwood Farms is a fictional medium size organic farm located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that specializes in whole grain. They have decided to expand to the cereal market, and it was my job to design 3 cereal boxes (2 adult cereals and 1 child) and a logo. I knew I wanted a text-based logo, so I used a watercolor approach which matches the "on-the-water" concept.

I don't know much about Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but I do know it borders Lake Michigan! This led me to the decision to brand the cereal based on sail boating. The Crusin' Cranberry and Honey Harbor cereals have a simple sailboat design on the front, and a detailed and easy to follow step by step process on tying different types of boating knots (all made in Adobe Illustrator). The kids cereal box is a more creative and kid-friendly box which features a pirateship and kid pirate on the front of the box. The back is a word search with pirate lingo.